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Sweden is one of the world leaders in the field of higher education. And despite a relatively small population (about 10 million), some of the best universities in the world are located here.

Terms of payment

Higher education in Sweden is financed mainly through tax revenues. Studying at Swedish universities is fully subsidized (free) for EU citizens and those who have a permanent residence permit in Sweden. Ukrainians have to pay tuition fees, which usually range from SEK 80,000 to SEK 140,000 per year.

* If you left Ukraine on or after February 24, 2022, you can seek protection and residence under the EU Temporary Protection Directive and receive a temporary residence permit in Sweden. With a residence permit, you can apply and study in Sweden without paying tuition fees.

Admission conditions for Ukrainians

There are two main types of higher education institutions in Sweden: universities and university colleges. Both offer bachelor's and master's degrees.

Unlike many countries, Sweden gives its international students the right to work in Sweden while studying. The teaching model used in Swedish universities and university colleges is based on the slogan "freedom with responsibility". Much of the learning process takes place outside the classroom, with students mostly learning independently or in groups.

Students in Sweden are expected to take full responsibility for their studies. To figure it out for yourself. To find answers outside the textbooks. If you are interested in studying in Sweden, start by visiting the website of the Swedish Institute for Study in Sweden - When you are ready to apply for admission, use for instructions and to submit the necessary documents.

What certificate is required?

The following certificates of secondary education meet the general criteria:

  • Certificate of completion of general secondary education

  • Certificate of complete general secondary education and final grades, including the state final exam

  • Diploma of a qualified worker / Diploma of a junior specialist

  • Diploma Supplement

Types of visas, visa issues

Ukrainians with biometric visa passports do not need a visa to stay in Sweden for up to 3 months. In order to move to Sweden to study for up to one year, you will need to apply for a residence permit. But first, you must be accepted for full-time study at an accredited university in Sweden and pay your first tuition fee.

The process of applying for a residence permit can take several months, so you should start early, immediately after paying the first tuition fee.

Documents for obtaining a residence permit include:

  • copies of your passport and admission letter

  • medical insurance

  • confirmation that you can support yourself financially while studying in Sweden.

In 2022, the living expenses requirement is at least SEK 8,694 per month. If you intend to stay in Sweden for more than one year, you are generally required to register with the Swedish Population Register and obtain your personal identification number.

Duration of study

There are two main types of higher education institutions in Sweden: universities and university colleges. Both offer bachelor's and master's degrees. A bachelor's degree in Sweden usually requires at least three years of full-time study, but there are flexible scheduling options that include part-time and online studies. A master's degree program in Sweden can be one-year or two-year.

Language of education

Swedish, English.

Requirements for the level of English. languages: IELTS Academic/IELTS UKVI.

Please note that IELTS General Training or IELTS Indicator is not recognized.

Conditions for scholarships, links

In order for students from countries outside the EU who cannot pay their tuition fees to study in Sweden, the Swedish government has allocated resources for a scholarship program. Grants under this program are aimed at highly qualified students and are intended to cover tuition fees and are awarded through the Swedish Higher Education Council to universities and university colleges that already provide grants to students.

In addition, many other scholarship programs are offered on Sweden's official higher education resource.

Important links

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