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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

There are a large number of universities in Spain, many of which have a high international reputation and occupy high positions in international rankings.

Terms of payment

The Spanish higher education system consists of 87 universities (50 public and 37 private), as well as 480 research institutes and 67 science and technology parks. Spain is home to many excellent business schools, including 3 of the top 10 business schools in Europe located in Spain:

  • IESE Business School

  • IE Business School

  • Esade Business School.

Tuition is calculated and displayed according to credits. Tuition fees for bachelor programs range from €750 to €2,500 per year, while tuition fees for master programs range from €1,000 to €3,500 per year. Fees for participation in a bachelor's program at a private university can range from 5,500 to 18,000 euros per academic year. Private universities set their own fees, which can reach 20,000 euros per year.

Along with tuition fees, students must pay a college fee. These fees vary but remain less than €44. For more information about application fees, contact your university's admissions team. As a member state of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), all official degrees awarded by Spanish universities are recognized for academic and professional purposes in 53 countries worldwide, 45 of which are European.

Admission conditions for Ukrainians

If you are from a country outside the EU, you will need to have proof that your secondary school certificate is valid in accordance with Spanish requirements to apply for admission. You can verify your certificate at the Spanish embassy in your country. The embassy will provide you with a Volante accreditation that you can use to apply to the university of your choice.

In addition, you will have to take an entrance exam called selectivity or Pruebas de Acceso a la Universidad. You can take this exam twice a year in your country of residence. After passing, you will be eligible to study at any public or private Spanish university.

Those wishing to pursue a postgraduate degree should contact the institution they are interested in directly for entry requirements. In most cases, you will need to provide proof of your bachelor's degree, a copy of your passport and a transcript of your grades

What certificate is required

Students from Ukraine need a long-term visa to enter Spain, a request for which can be obtained at the Spanish consulate or embassy in Kyiv.

Types of visas, visa issues

From 25/02/2022, citizens of Ukraine do not need a visa to enter Ireland. More information on other requirements can be found on the Irish Immigration website

Duration of study

Bachelor's degree - 3 - 4 years

Master's degree - 1-2 years

Language of education

Spanish, English.

Conditions for scholarships, links

Several options are available for students seeking financial aid to study Spanish. These include loans, scholarships (even provided by the Spanish government) and various grants:

Important links

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