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Online courses

Together with our friends and partners, we care about and create opportunities for the children of Ukraine. The education of our children is the future of Ukraine. In this section, you will find online courses for teenagers where they can acquire new skills and knowledge. 

If you want to get involved and open up new opportunities for children, please write to


An online Java programming course that is 80% hands-on. The course is adapted for beginners with no skills. Thanks to the course, participants will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills to become Java programmers.


Java is a general-purpose language and has been widely used for a long time. Java is used on servers, smart devices, computers, smartphones, etc. World-famous companies that work with Java include: Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!

The course is open to children aged 12 to 16 who have lost a parent in the war.

Access to the JavaRush course is provided for a year in an online format.

Support the children now!

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