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with the education

Opportunities for teenagers to explore modern creative professions

Terms of admission of Ukrainians to different countries

Individual online consultations and offline group meetings with psychologists

Our children

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of war


of Ukrainian children

are abroad


of educational institutions were damaged as a result of hostilities

educational institutions were completely destroyed

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Our main goal

We work to ensure that Ukrainian teenagers abroad, who have experienced war and displacement from their  homes, emerge from this ordeal stronger. It is crucial for us that young people have enough knowledge and skills to contribute to the prosperity of Ukraine and the world and develop the ability to engage in international dialogue based on a set of moral and ethical values. Our goal is to help them receive a quality education, psychological assistance, career guidance, and foster their Ukrainian identity.

Our vision

By providing the necessary educational support to children, we empower them to realize their potential and implement ideas,create innovations and inventions that are useful to people, allowing them to influence the creation of a better world and the restoration of Ukraine after the victory.

What does Deeds4kids do?

The Deeds4kids Foundation helps to provide quality education and the necessary psychological support for children from Ukraine who have found themselves living abroad due to the war. The Foundation has collated information from different countries on educational opportunities available to Ukrainian children: scholarships, conditions of study at schools, universities, colleges, and free or reduced-price places. We help them make the right decision about their continued education, which naturally affects their future lives.


For children who have been severely affected by the war, Deed4kids helps to secure free places in international schools for at least one year, covering the costs of moving to another country and returning home. Learn more on EduChances.

In 2022-2023 Years we:

  • Invested 2,600,000 million hryvnias (65,000 thousand euros) Launched the project and the foundation's activities

  • Developed and implemented the project LIFE SKILLS & ART | psychological support course for teenagers Launched an offline course in 6 European countries: Georgia (Tbilisi, Rustavi), Germany (Hamburg), Austria (Vienna), Cyprus (Limassol, Paphos, Ayia Napa), Poland (Warsaw, Krakow), Portugal (Porto)

  • We implemented Deeds4Orphans, a program to support orphans Together with the Childhood Without War Foundation, we organized career guidance courses and English language courses for 300+ orphans

  • We have launched educational projects in 9 countries: Austria, Georgia, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, Canada and Ukraine

  • Developed and implemented an educational project in Canada together with the CanSchool project in online and offline formats, which provides 10 teenagers the opportunity to obtain high school diplomas and enter universities

  • Developed and launched an information and psychological support platform based on the foundation's website.

  • Launched the Creative IT Professions | Bootcamp for Teenage IDPs and Orphans offline event in Lviv and preparing for online format

Support the children now!

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