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English courses for children

While implementing a career guidance program for the wards of the Childhood Without War Foundation we found that even the most motivated children, who aim to enter the best universities, do not have a sufficient level of English. But this is a basic requirement for a successful career, so we decided to launch an intensive English course and a speaking club format.

Intensive English group

The essence of this program is in-depth and effective learning of a foreign language, as children will have to "jump" several levels at once. Based on the results, they can pass a certification exam.


There are children who want to improve their English and get better opportunities! If you would like to financially support a new group of intensive English classes for orphans, please write to

Speaking club

In February 2023, we opened a speaking club for children with A2+ English level.

Every week, children will practice their spoken English with teacher Anastasia Bolshakova in a fun and playful format. From time to time, we open registration for everyone, so follow our news on the telegram channel.

Support the children now!

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