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How can you help?

Any participation is important. By joining our efforts, we will give many children a chance of a new future. It is likely that there are people in your circle who can support us or those who need help. Please tell them about the fund. Become our volunteer or sponsor and experience being a member of the big Deeds4kids family.


Join the fund

You can become our volunteer and undertake communication with a school or university in any country where you have the opportunity, and request free places for Ukrainian children at the institution, initially until the end of the school year. Even one place is a great help! Use the foundation's presentations to simplify communication with the educational institution.

You can sponsor the transfer of an affected child for temporary study in another country (visa/flight/accommodation). We will be opening a page with associated costs soon, in the meantime please email

Also, if you would like to donate in any convenient way for any amount, please email

We have launched the educational course "What do I want to be? Modern creative professions". The course will be held for orphans who were evacuated from Ukraine as part of the Childhood Without War project. You can help Ukrainian orphans get the profession of their dreams. With your support, they will be able to become self-sufficient and successful.

You can become an ambassador of our foundation in attracting sponsors and partners.

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