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Course "creative professions"

We have teamed up with the Safe Place Foundation and are preparing to open the course "What do I want to be? Modern Creative Professions" on 10 October in Lviv.

The Safe Place camp has been operating in Lviv since spring 2023 thanks to the cooperation of the international charity foundation Alliance for Public Health (Ukraine) and Christian Aid Foundation (UK).

The first course for our children will be Gamedev, an IT field where games are developed for various platforms. The training will be comprehensive: from script writing to marketing. The curriculum was developed with the support of the Ampli teenage educational accelerator.

In the future, we plan to expand the course and offer modules on marketing, web design, graphic design, and other creative professions. 

If you would like to support us with technical support or join us as an educational platform, please contact

Creative IT Professions | Bootcamp

On 18 November, the DEEDS4KIDS Foundation launched the educational course "What do I want to be? Modern Creative Professions". A distinctive feature of the course is that all areas can be mastered remotely and are relevant to present demand, education and further work opportunities.

A survey was conducted among the children on their wishes to try a particular profession.

The most popular requests from children were:

  • game dev (102)

  • online marketing (59)

  • graphic design (55)

  • and web design/web development (51).

In second place with almost equal votes:

  • Codegym's online course on the Java programming language (38)

  • video production (37)

  • WEB 3.0, NFT (30). 

  • The least interesting was fashion design (20).

Under the mentorship of AB GAMES, a mobile game developer, the Gamedev course has already been launched and will include content related to game development - art, narrative design, programming, and game design. During the first module, from 3 to 18 December, children will learn skills in art, which they will create in Procreate, and narrative design specifically for developing computer games.


For the beneficiaries of the Childhood Without War charity project, learning a profession at an early age that will be in demand in the labour market is extremely important. This will allow orphans to find work in the future with a professional salary, thus allowing them to provide for themselves.

How it works

  • Gamedev / Game development

The module lasted from 3 December to 15 January in Turkey. This was residential course.

In the first module on Gamedev, the course participants learned skills in art created in Procreate and narrative design specifically for the development of computer games. The participants of this module are one step closer to realizing their cherished dreams of creating their own game.


The jury consisted of the teachers of the Gamedev module: Anna Kolodeiskaya (2D Character Artist Team Lead), Sofia Protchenko (2D Background Artist), and Anna Kurina (Narrative Designer).


We express our admiration for our students, and our children. They worked hard and presented creative projects at a high level.

  • Digital Marketing

The module lasted from 11 February to 19 March.

The children worked on creating and promoting their own projects: they mastered basic knowledge and skills in digital marketing (SEO, link building, SMM, content marketing) and PR, learned to work with tools such as Canva, Google Forms, and Google Sites.


The module was taught by Alisa Korzh, a digital marketer with more than 10 years  experience in both agencies and product companies. Alisa has experience in the local and international markets and has worked with all marketing channels.

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