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Psychologists for children

One of the main areas of our activity is psychological support for teenagers, so they can restore their mental state and effectively continue their studies.

We have assembled a team of professional psychologists who are ready to provide individual counselling to teenagers. Below you can get acquainted with them and find your specialist. 

Rules and payment

We value your time and the time of our specialists, so we have developed a number of simple rules for comfortable cooperation. We hope you will find your specialist and spend your time constructively.


The Foundation does not make a profit from these meetings, our main goal is to help children meet with a specialist and get help by paying a minimal fee.


Since the main focus of the Foundation is teenagers aged 12-16, psychologists work with this age group.


The Foundation provides preferential terms:

- 5 consultations at a price of 20 euros (799 UAH) per hour.

- The child will have more than a month of individually tailored help, as the recommended number of meetings is 1 time per 1 week.

- reduced payment is made directly between the client and the psychologist in a way convenient for them.

- All further consultations with psychologists are paid for at a price agreed with each client.


Rules of registration:

- make an appointment for a consultation no later than 24 hours before it starts.

- If the client cannot attend the scheduled appointment and notifies us of this less than 24 hours in advance, we will charge 50% of the session fee. 


Please send your feedback, comments, and suggestions for consultations to the chat room on the website or to

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Support the children now!

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