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Deeds4Kids for Orphans

In times of war, situations, in which someone's life can be improved are especially valuable. To make things better than they were before the war is the ultimate fulfilment.

This is exactly what the Childhood Without War Foundation is doing, thanks to which more than 2,700 orphans have been taken to Turkey during the war. We have joined forces with the foundation to help children who have found themselves in a position of safety and in excellent condition to start a second life.

If you would like to get involved in helping orphans, please write to Together we can do more!

100 tablets from Deeds4kids

The children have completed the necessary adaptation. The school season has come. Most children were in dire need of technical support. That's how the cooperation with Childhood Without War began. Together with its partners Bosphorus and AB Games, DEEDS4KIDS Foundation provided the children with one hundred tablets for learning, which enabled them to engage in a normal educational process.

How to help Ukrainian orphans?

  • improve the technical conditions for learning.Currently, there is a need for a computer classroom;

  • become a partner of the following modules, the topics of which may vary;

  • the actual teaching of children, tutoring;

  • donate to the training programs for orphans of the Childhood Without War project

  • sponsorship, funding.

For partnership, please contact

Support the children now!

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