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Grants from deeds4kids

A critical situation demands new and innovative solutions, and we are looking for them. It's great that friends and partners in different countries lend a helping hand. Our goal is not to waste time and, despite the tragic circumstances, to continue the development of children. If you have information about available opportunities for Ukrainians, please send the information to

"10 grants to Canada"

TEN gifted high school students (graduating in September 2022) have a chance to receive a Canadian higher education. Candidates can be children with honors, high academic achievements, and winners of regional/national competitions (in any subject). DEEDS4KIDS Foundation finances the education of children affected by war and whose families do not have financial means. A child who has one of the following conditions can apply for participation - loss of one of the parents as a result of war; - loss of both parents and the presence of a legal guardian; - whose housing was destroyed as a result of hostilities; - who left the temporarily occupied territories and is registered there as of 24.02.2022 - both parents of whom are serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Mandatory conditions: - age 16+ (11th-grade graduates) - high level of English, not lower than B2, any confirming international certificates will be an advantage. DEEDS4KIDS Foundation provides a learning process that will result in an unforgettable experience. After all, children are entering a Canadian online school for the first time (during this graduating class). This means that they will receive a Canadian certificate and will have a "stepping stone" for further admission to universities. The DEEDS4KIDS Foundation assists participants with admission to Canadian universities: assistance in preparing a portfolio, collecting the necessary documents, and mentoring the child during the school year until the child's admission to the chosen university is confirmed. The DEEDS4KIDS Foundation helps applicants to apply for a scholarship (without guarantees of such enrollment, as the final result directly depends on the individual characteristics of the child and his success). To apply for the "10 Grants to Canada" program from DEEDS4KIDS you need to - fill in the registration form - Have the determination to give yourself / your child a chance for a qualitatively new future With the submission of the application in the form of a completed registration form, the potential participant receives all additional information on the conditions of selection, preparation of documents, and further conditions for admission to Canadian universities. The rules for submitting further required documents will be announced: essay on the chosen topic, portfolio, and interview with the child and parents. In case of incomplete compliance with the conditions, but if desired and financially possible - there is an opportunity to become a participant of the program "10 grants to Canada" from DEEDS4KIDS at a special discounted price (details will be sent after filling out the registration form).

Request for a preferential seat in an international school

Our foundation provides an opportunity to study in a school abroad for 1 year to children who were particularly badly affected during the war. A child with one of the following conditions can apply for a preferential seat: - loss of one of the parents due to the war; - loss of both parents and presence of an official guardian; - whose house was destroyed by hostilities; - who left the temporarily occupied territories and was registered there as of February 24, 2022; - both parents are currently serving in the Armed Forces. Required conditions: - age 13+ - The minimum required level of English is intermediate, any international certificates that confirm this will be an advantage. If your child has been affected by war but does not fall into the above categories, you can register and we will consider the request if there are spaces available. Below is a list of options for how we can help: 1. Send the child to a Canadian school for a full academic year without his family. What support we provide: - we find a place for a child in a Canadian school, help with admission; - we organize the child's stay with a Canadian family; - we cover the costs of the child's return flight; - we cover the cost of applying for a visa; - we provide pocket money for the child - 200 Canadian dollars/month; - we provide full support with administration and relevant documents. Please note that the child must be ready to travel to another country (Canada) by the end of the school year. If the child needs special assistance, please indicate this in the registration form. 2. Sending the child to Canada for a year with their family. They live together while their children are being educated. What support we provide: we find a place for a child in a Canadian school, help with admission; - we cover the costs of the child's (not the whole family's) return flight; - we cover the costs of opening a visa; - we provide pocket money for a child 200 Canadian dollars/month; - we provide full support for documents FOR THE ENTIRE family; - we provide complete information about registration of Ukrainians in Canada, finding housing and receiving assistance from Canada. Schools are currently selected in and around the Toronto region. The choice of a specific school will be made individually and will depend on the family that we manage to find for a specific child, if you chose the first option. Attachment to schools by place of residence. Upon arrival in Canada, the child will need to be issued with the CUAET - Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel program, we also help with this.

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