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The system of higher education in Cyprus is being formed within the framework of the European Higher Education Area defined by the Bologna Process.

Terms of payment

Higher education institutions in Cyprus consist of public universities, private universities, public institutions of higher education and private institutions of higher education. The cost of education for foreign citizens is determined by the universities. The annual cost of studying at a university in Cyprus for undergraduate programs varies from approximately 3,000 to 13,000 euros. If you wish to study at postgraduate level, the cost will vary between €5,000 and €10,000.

Admission conditions for Ukrainians

Foreign students who wish to study in Cyprus can choose a study program on the websites of higher education institutions and check whether they meet the admission requirements. Each institution's admissions office will provide all necessary information about tuition and other fees, as well as available scholarship opportunities. To apply for admission, you need to apply directly to the higher education institution, as the admission criteria differ depending on the type and language requirements of the study program. In general, successful completion of secondary education is a general requirement for admission to a bachelor's degree.

What certificate is required

Students of all qualifications are generally accepted, including A/IB Level/Local Diploma, High School Leaving Certificate. An English language test may be required depending on the university.

Types of visas, visa issues

Foreign students from non-EU countries need a student visa to enter Cyprus. Student visas are only issued to international full-time students (students registering to obtain at least 15 credits or 30 ECTS per semester).

Student visas can be issued

  • or at the Embassy/High Representative/Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus in the candidate's home country;

  • or at the Civil Status and Migration Department of Cyprus.

Duration of study

Bachelor's degree: 4 years (for medicine - 6 years) Master's degree: 1-2 years

Language of education

English, Greek.

Conditions for scholarships, links

Cyprus universities offer tuition and fees scholarships for international students. More details:

This year, some universities are offering special scholarship programs for citizens of Ukraine. More details:

University of Cyprus offers 10 full scholarships to Ukrainian students

The Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak) has announced that it will provide scholarships to Ukrainian students seeking asylum due to the Russian invasion of their country. Ten student scholarships have been awarded to study from September 2022. More details:

Important links

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