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The education system in Austria is regulated by the state through the Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics.

Terms of payment

State education: €750/semester. Funds were returned to Ukrainian students for this semester, there is no information for subsequent semesters.

Private universities: 3000-10000€/semester. Private universities have very small discounts, you need to find out specifically at each university.

Admission conditions for Ukrainians

Admission to Austrian higher education institutions is organized by the educational institutions themselves. To apply for a higher education program, you first need to contact the institution that offers the program. They can tell you exactly what entry requirements apply to your chosen programme.

In general, for undergraduate programs:

  • Proof of citizenship (photocopy of passport)

  • Equivalent high school graduation certificate

  • Your Certificate of Special Qualification for University Study: You must confirm that you would be eligible to enter your chosen degree program in the country that issued your secondary education diploma.

  • Knowledge of the German language

For master's programs:

  • Successful completion of at least a 6-semester specialized relevant bachelor's degree (min. 180 ECTS).

This year, the minimum requirements for Ukrainians are:

  • Identity document (passport)

  • Minimum level of German language proficiency: A2

  • Diploma of basic secondary education (in some cases, exceptions are made for Ukrainians and they are allowed not to submit).

What certificate is required?

When presenting a Ukrainian diploma of secondary basic education, you still need to take preparatory courses before entering the university. If the student graduated from a school with a 12-year school program (IB, A-levels) - then the courses are not required, but in this case there are criteria based on the results of the exams, if the results of the exams (IB, A-levels) are unsatisfactory - it will be necessary to take preparatory courses from these subjects. Admission rules vary by university.

Visa, visa issues

The visa is called Aufenthaltstitel, it is granted on the basis of studying at a university, it must be renewed every year. Detailed information and a list of documents at the link:

Duration of study

In state universities, the number of years of study depends on the student, since he himself chooses the number of subjects per semester. In private schools, it is fixed for 3-4 years, depending on the university.

Language of education

State universities: German, and several universities with English language. Private: English language.

Conditions for scholarships

Important links

We have compiled a list of the main universities.



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